Yayasan KLK Scholarship Awards

Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad has established a foundation, Yayasan KLK, which offers scholarships to deserving undergraduates from the lower income group pursuing a diploma or degree course at any local government universities. Upon graduation, candidates may be offered positions suitable to their course of study within the KLK Group of Companies.

The applicants based on our criteria are then screened and short-listed for an interview. Successful applicants are provided with annual grant over the minimum duration of their courses as follows:

  1. Degree - RM 7,000 per academic year

  2. Diploma - RM 5,000 per academic year
While undergoing tertiary education, the scholar's academic performances are monitored and they are provided field training when necessary. Such monitoring is necessary as it ensures only good talents are subsequently recruited to continue the Group's tradition of leadership excellence.
  • Open to all qualified Malaysian citizens who have gained admission to recognised local government universities/institutions of higher learning including employee's children of the KLK Group of Companies.
  • Free from any bond and not holding scholarship or receiving any financial assistance from other organizations
  • Willing to serve a bonded period of two years for Diploma courses and three years for Degree courses from the date of appointment.
  • Adhere always to the rules and regulations of Yayasan KLK.
For more information, please visit: Yayasan KLK


alresalah said...

Date : 14-8-2008
Subject : Scholarship for Palestinian Student
Sender : Alresalah University Services –Palestine

We have many Palestinian students living at Palestine ( West Bank & Gaza ) seeking to studying BA & Master or PHD at the fields of ( Management – Engineering – Islamic Education – accountant – Etc .
Most of the students faced a bad financial situation under the (Israeli Occupation )
Please tell me if possible to get to them a scholarship , If possible please send to us , what documents needed to apply for Palestinian Students , and what the period of applying ,What the details of the scholarship .
Please reply as soon as possible

H. Manager
Abedelwahhab Abo Shamseyah

Alresalah Recruitment & University Services
Palestine –West Bank - Hebron City – Alsehah Street
Abo Rmaileh Complex building
2 floor – Office Number 237 – P.O.Box:( 111 )Hebron
Email : resalahservices@hotmail.com
Tel Fax : 00972-2299474
Mobile :0097059981899

Owner said...

sorry most of the scholarship here actually cater for Malaysians only.

Lydia said...

Hi, I'd like to know can student after SPM apply for this scholarship? I couldnt find any contact email address from that KLK website. Please do let me know asap.

Please do PM me about it asap.

Thank you

email address : lydiachai@live.co.uk