MasterCard-U21 Global Scholarship Programme

U21Global, together with MasterCard Worldwide, is delighted to present the joint scholarship programme exclusively for women in the Travel and Tourism industry.

The programme comprises 20 scholarships for the U21Global Executive Diploma of Business Administration that can articulate into the University of Nottingham MSc in Tourism and Travel Management.

This programme will give you a unique edge in the region’s fast growing tourism sector, honing your managerial expertise while developing specialized skill in tourism and travel management. The course is supported by our extensively-research pedagogy, delivered online for convenient and flexible access.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Open only to women residing in Asia/Pacific (including the South Asia region), South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  2. Must be currently working in the tourism and travel industry in these regions
  3. Must be nominated by the employer
  4. At least 1 reference of the 2 required must come from the CEO or HR Director
For more information, please visit: MasterCard-U21 Global Scholarship Programme

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