Panasonic Scholarship

Since 1998, Panasonic has launch "Panasonic Scholarship" for students who wishes to pursue a master's course in Japan.

Applications are made online.


  1. Nationality:
    Applicants must be a citizen of Malaysia.

  2. Eligible Student:
    Applicants must be within four years after completing a bachelor degree as of the application due date.

  3. Enrollment as Research Student in Japan:
    Applicants must have obtained or be able to obtain approval or informal consent from academic adviser for admission to graduate school in Japan as a research student by the end of 2006. Applicants must be enrolled as research students at universities in Japan in April 2007.

  4. Japanese Language Requirement:
    Applicants must have adequate proficiency and knowledge in Japanese language for studying at master’s course in Japan, which is Level-1 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or equivalent. Applicants must pass at least Level-3 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December 2006 or 2007.

  5. Master’s Course:
    After being nominated as a Panasonic Scholarship Student, applicants must enroll at graduate schools in Japan and be able to take master’s course in April 2008.

  6. Application Site:
    Applicants must apply for this program in Malaysia and must be able to take all procedures for selection in Malaysia.

  7. Educational Background:
    Applicants must be graduates or graduate-to-be in July, 2006 with distinguished results of university and must have completed 16 years of school education.

  8. Specialization:
    Applicants must major in any one of the following disciplines [Science, Engineering, Bio-technology and Information technology]
    Note: Except medical science, pharmacology and dentistry

  9. Health :
    Applicants must be medically fit.

  10. Applicants must be interested in and have the desire to contribute to the development of Malaysia and to promote friendship between Malaysia and Japan.

  11. Arrival in Japan :
    Applicants must arrive in Japan by the designated day from the end of March through beginning of April 2007.
Panasonic also open for internship applications.

For more information please visit:Panasonic Students Opportunity

Or write to them at:
Panasonic Scholarship Office of Malaysia Panasonic Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Lot 5, Persiaran Tengku Ampuan,
Section 21, 40300 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Or call them at:
Tel: 03-5891-3913
Fax:03-5891 3985

Or email them at:
Contact person: Noor Hazila Hassan

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