Awareness Scholarships by CFA

Awareness Scholarships are designated for key influencers in the academic and financial communities.
Reduce the CFA Program enrollment and exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) to US$350.*
Award Cycle
Awareness scholarships are awarded as they are received and processed.
  • Recipients of the June scholarship may only apply it to the upcoming June exam (Levels I, II, and III).
  • Recipients of the December scholarship may only apply it to the upcoming December exam (Level I).
Important Dates
Application for June 2014 exam: Available now
Must be submitted by 3 February 2014
Application for December 2013 exam: Available now
Must be submitted by 3 September 2013
In collaboration with our University Relations team, we are pleased to offer Awareness Scholarships to key influencers in the academic and financial communities such as college/university faculty, college students affiliated with our Recognized Universities and CFA Program Partner Schools, select regulatory agencies, and media organization employees around the world.
CFA Program College Faculty Scholarships: These scholarships are available to all full-time college or university finance professors. Learn more about the CFA Program College Faculty Scholarship.
CFA Program College Student Scholarships: These scholarships are now being distributed by the Program Partner Scholarship and the Recognized University Scholarship (see details below).
CFA Program Partner and Recognized University Program Scholarships: After the June 2013 exam, all student scholarships will be awarded through universities and colleges participating in the CFA Program Partners initiative and University Recognition Program.
CFA Institute Regulator Scholarships: Available to full-time employees of governmental securities regulators and central banks that enter into a regulator scholarships agreement with CFA Institute. View sample regulatory bodies. To learn more about regulator scholarships and explore whether your organization may qualify, contact us at
CFA Institute Media Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities are available to eligible, full-time employees of media organizations which communicate and disseminate financial news, data, and education around the world. For more information about media scholarships, download the application (PDF) or contact us at
*Scholarship candidates are responsible for any additional costs related to selecting/purchasing the print version of the curriculum.


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