Graduate Studies at Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology

Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST) is a research-oriented graduate school in South Korea that offers programmes in the following academic schools and departments:

  • School of Information & Mechatronics
  • School of Environmental Science & Engineering
  • School of Material Science & Engineering
  • Department of Nanobio Materials & Electronics
  • School of Life Sciences
  • Graduate Programme of Photonics & Applied Physics
  • Graduate Programme of Medical System Engineering
* For a full list of GIST’s graduate programmes, please refer to this link.

GIST also provides full financial support to all qualified students, including:
  1. Airfare to GIST
  2. Full tuition
  3. Free dormitory housing
  4. Monthly stipends
  5. Additional scholarship opportunities
Applications for the Spring Semester are open until October 15 and eligible students are encouraged to apply.

For further information about GIST and the application process, please refer to their website or contact GIST at 

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