Taiwan Scholarship Program

The Taiwan Scholarship was jointly established by 4 Taiwan government agencies: Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (NSC) to encourage outstanding international students to pursue degree programs in Taiwan.

Staff and faculty members are welcome to apply for these scholarships.

The four scholarships under the Taiwan Scholarship Program are:

  • MOE Scholarship
  • MOFA Scholarship
  • MOEA Scholarship
  • NSC Scholarship

For more information, please refer to the Taiwan Scholarship Program website (http://english.moe.gov.tw), click on’ Scholarships’ on the left menu and choose ‘Taiwan Scholarship’.

In addition, the South Sunshine Scholarship (SSS) is a newly established scholarship program designed for candidates in the Southeast Asia region who are interested in pursuing their advanced degrees in Taiwan. The scholarship program's partnerships include 28 universities in Taiwan. This program is open to all, including staff/students, and those who are not associated with higher education or research institutions.

To apply for international programs offered by the ESIT Consortium universities, please visit the ESIT website (http://www.esit.org.tw) and follow the steps below:

  1. Browse for Program Information: View the listed English-instructed international programs offered.
  2. Fill the Application Form: You can apply for up to 5 programs.
  3. Upload Application Documents: You will then need to upload the application documents online.
  4. Consortium Review: The application materials will be transmitted to the applying Consortium universities for the admission committee review.
  5. Admission letter: The Consortium universities will review candidates' qualifications for admission and send the applicant the admission letter for visa application.

For more information on this scholarship, please contact the Elite Study In Taiwan (ESIT) Program Office (http://www.esit.org.tw/english/index.php).

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