International Medical University (IMU) Scholarship 2009

The International Medical University (IMU) has recognized that there are many Malaysian students who aspire to be a health sciences professional. For various reasons, some of these students are not able to achieve their life-long ambition, including those students whose families do not have the financial resources to support them for entry into an international institution like the IMU.

In view of this, the IMU has established a number of scholarships to be awarded to:

1. Two (2) students to pursue the undergraduate medical course in Malaysia leading to the MBBS (IMU).
2. Two (2) students to pursue the entire eight (8) semesters of the twinned undergraduate pharmacy course leading to the MPharm (Hons) degree (in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde).
3. One (1) student to pursue the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme to be conducted wholly in IMU, leading to the BPharm (Hons).
4. Two (2) students to pursue the Bachelor of Nursing degree leading to the B Nursing (Hons).

Students who wish to apply must have excellent academic background together with other qualities, including strong extra-curricula activities and who, for financial reasons, would otherwise be unable to pursue a career in medicine, pharmacy or nursing.

These prestigious scholarships are established to reflect the IMU’s contribution to society. It also is an integral part of the University’s staff development scheme to groom young individuals with high potential to be part of the future IMU faculty for training of medical, pharmacy and allied health professionals. This is in line with our nations strive towards excellence in education and health care in the 21st century.

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